*Trigger Warning* Art

Here is where I find my relief from my atrocious childhood that is still all too real to me.

List Of Works

  • Inner Child Assemblage
  • Freedom From Religion
  • Merry Christmas

“Inner Child” 2022

Assemblage/Found Objects

Jamie Lynn Wilson

Exhibited at: Hygienic Art, New London, CT; The Dane Gallery, Springfield, MA.

Inner child depicts what the effects of child rape and incest are.


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“Freedom From Religion” 2022

Assemblage/Found Items

Jamie Lynn Wilson

Exhibited at: The Dane Gallery, Springfield, MA


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“Merry Christmas” 2021

Mixed Media on canvas

Jamie Lynn Wilson

This depicts father-daughter incest.


“Help Me” 2022

Photograph available in multiple sizes.

Jamie Lynn Wilson

Depicts the struggles of those with traumatized brains and mental illness.

8×10 $100

“The Long Road Home” 2022

Photograph available in multiple sizes

Jamie Lynn Wilson

This photograph depicts the road to a balanced brain chemistry. Trying one medication that doesn’t work after another that sort of works until your doctor finally lands on the magic mix for that individual. We WANT to function but there are so many obstacles on the long road home to ourselves.

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